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we offer domain names, web hosting, email hosting, ecommerce solutions, dedicated servers, VPS and search engine optimization tools, built on our cloud platform, giving you even greater peace of mind.IN TEXT internet addresses, the text strings are referred to as domains. As internet addresses are read from right to left, the domains become progressively smaller.

Every Internet mail address has two parts. The two parts are separated by and@ sign the first part is the username and the second part (domain) is the name of the Internet provider like aol.com the domain for the providers ends with the zone (eg.com)

The top level domain (in this case, uk) which is at the end of the address, shows which country the computer is located in, using a two character ISO country code. the second level domain (in this case.com)indicates the type of organization the computer belongs to. Between the second level domain and the user ID (in this case, Stewart) there might be several intermediate domains that locate an organizationís computer network and a particular computer within that network. The host command displays the internet protocol (IP) address. This command is one of the important commands. The internet address is stored in the form of numbers the numbers are not substituted for the characters in the address. The naming of address is called the domain naming system (DNS). A domain name server is to the computer on the internet that translates the internet domain names to the internet numeric addresses. On a continuous basis we make the domain and web solution affordable to everyone to have their own identity online quickly. Once you have a domain name, you'll need a Web host for your site. pair Networks, the parent company of pairing, offers affordable and reliable Web hosting. Whether you're creating a simple Web site or developing a complex online presence, pair Networks has flexible

Web hosting plans that can suit your needs. As your Web site grows and becomes more successful, you can easily upgrade your service plan to meet your needs in the future.

UNIX to UNIX copy is an older and cheaper mail system used by UNIX systems. This system uses mail addresses and contains exclamation points between the parts of the address. The addresses are in the reverse order.

The method of addressing is known as bang path addressing. Mostly UUCP addresses are written relative to a Net host. The host communicates to the UNIX to UNIX copy. So, what has the domain name to do with hosting a website? Well, there is a close relationship between your domain name and your web host (the computer where you'll host the website). The domain name is in fact a "label" that will redirect the visitors to the IP address of the computer where the site is hosted, so these two work in pairs. We use this system because it's easier to remember a name rather than an IP address which is a group of 4 numbers.

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